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If you have always longed to be the heroine of a Jane Austen novel or to be magically transported to a Merchant and Ivory film, you have landed in the right place!

My jewelry tells the story of my life.  I come from a very creative family where art and crafting was a very important part of our lives. My father was a professional artist, my sisters both paint and sew, my brother is a musician and I make jewelry ever since I can remember. My first pieces as a child were made using macaroni and plastic beads, then I started raiding my mum's drawers in search of vintage beads which she loved collecting (including some lovely ones that had belonged to my grandmothers).
Timeless, elegant and wearable. I like it when people refer to them as "modern heirlooms".

Beautiful handmade pieces made in my home studio using real semi-precious stones and pearls, retailed at a sensible price. A true affordable luxury.  

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