The Season for Giving

lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

They say that this is the Season for Giving,  and I like giving, not only to my family and friends but I  also  like giving little gifts to other special people out there who make my life so much easier and nicer,  like my children's teachers for their infinite patience, or those other mum's in my community who lend me a helping hand with the school runs (very much appreciated I must say).

This year I have been unusually foresighted and have already started getting those little gifts ready.   I have made a couple of very cute brooches which will make sweet little gifts without breaking the bank.   I also made a few extra ones to list in my shop, these would be great teacher's or Secret Santa gifts (amigo invisible in Spanish).  You can check them out here.

Shop update - Moon Earrings

jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2017
Hello,  It's been a while... this is always the phrase that comes to mind each time I decide to write a new post and look at the date of my last post.  Has it really been over 6 months?? Where did all that time go!?!

Lately I have been busy designing, making and listing new things in my shop on a weekly basis, I  can´t remember when was the last time I added so many new designs in such a short period of time, and it doesn´t really matter, I am loving what I am doing now and I hope that so will you!

I'm begining with this full moon earrings because those sweet smiling faces make me happy and I really like how they turned out!  Plus, they are light (for me ithis is always a bonus) and they are  hand painted which means that each one is unique in a special way. 

The bad news? That there are only two pairs available, I bought the charms ages ago because I thought they were really cute and now I can´t find them any more (drat!).  

You can find more info about them in my shop.

Shop update

lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Just a little post to show you two favorite items from my shop which I have just listed again after a long, long time. 

I love working with vintage components and natural stones, but the problem with working with these materials is that sometimes once a particular bead or finding is gone, it is gone forever, that’s why I was so happy when I recently came across these little amazonite ovals and I was able to make these dainty dragonfly earrings again.  I had tried making them with other amazonite beads but somehow the result was not the same.

These are the earrings I wore to my sister’s wedding.  I stopped making them about a year ago, for no particular reason, sometimes I stop making old designs to focus on new things.  Anyway,   a few weeks ago I wore my pair to a dinner party, the earrings got many compliments  so I decided to make and list them again.  They are rather pretty aren´t they?

You can find both of them here.

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