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jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015
Most of my designs are made during the Spring and Summer months. The days are longer, the light is amazing and as the kids have no school I have a lot less obligations (no soccer practice, basketball practice, Art class, Judo... you name it, my kids probably do it and I drive them there), I feel more relaxed and that sort of makes my creative impulses go bubbly and ready to create.  This year was different though, my creativity was directed towards my art work so did very little work on my jewlery, hence, I really should not do an studio update blog post today.... BUT,  one of the good things about not having updated the blog in over a year is that I have I not shared any of the designs I made during that time with you which is just what I am about to do (relax, I am not going to swamp you with images, I have just picked a few of my current favorites).

This dragonfly necklace... delicate, whimsy. One of my favorite designs from last year. It is made of a brass antique replica dragonfly and then it was hand painted to acquire that lovely verdigris tone.  When I see it I am reminded of those gorgeous wild Victorian gardens.  If you also follow me on Facebook you probably know that I have a slight dragonfly obsession... which is one of the reasons why I  like this necklace so much!

These gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings with green agathes.  I actually made the first pair for myself  but received so many compliments that I decided to make a few more for my customers and I know of a few happy women who are so glad that I did ;-)

I am specially happy with this pendulum necklace, not because of the necklace itself, but because it was so, so hard to photograph!!  Crystal pendulums reflect light... everywhere!  Technical problems aside, the necklace is lovely, the pendulum  was salvaged from vintage light fittings bought in the UK many years ago. I really enjoy giving "a new life" to vintage objects. I also have a theory that objects made years ago are usually better than those made today, mainly because there was not so much consumerism, people bought a lot less things but those they bought were made to last a lifetime.  I try to do this in my everyday life as well,  buy less things but those I buy of better quality so they will last my family for ages and who knows, maybe even become future family heirlooms?

I hope you like them. Have a lovely day!

*Note: When I talk about "quality" I am not referrring to brands, I have found in the past that the quality of some expensive brands is really quite terrible, I'm really referring to the quality of the materials used, the craftmanship... 

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